You Gotta Glove It

 Over the years I have fixed a couple hundred gloves. Some are very simple repairs, others a little more complex. No matter what kind of shape your glove is in, I am confident that I can bring any glove back from the brink.


My resolve has been put to the test but as I think these pictures show, I



passed the test again!


This class glove was held together with zip ties and a prayer. And not much else. It was flat as a pancake, had several laces broken or missing and was clearly on life support.





Fastpitch Prep takes pride in the fact that we can keep your glove in the game. Please check out our services section and you can see all the things we can do to save your glove.


The glove has been there for you for years, the least you can do is allow Fastpitch Prep to resuscitate that old friend.


Contact us at or 470-328-2050 and we’ll get to work on your glove.