“You Can Learn A lot by Watching”

Yogi Berra was very well known for his catchphrases that were so obvious that we shouldn’t probably need to be reminded. But reminded we must be!

There is an unlimited amount of knowledge available to the players playing it, if they will only pay attention. Whether you are in the dugout or warming up or playing your position, there is a lot to learn by watching what is going on around you.

Rather than goof around in the dugout you can study the pitcher, study the defense, study the strength of the arms of the outfielders and the conditions of the field.

When you are warming up, find out where the sun is, how tall the grass is, how windy it is, what the fence is like and if it will impact your position.

Knowing the conditions put you way ahead of the game. While you are playing, study the umpires zone, the other team’s defensive strengths and weaknesses, how you are feeling or how your team is responding to the challenges.

If you pay attention you can learn a lot and be that much more prepared to play.

Thanks Yogi!