Yoda Logic

“You must unlearn what you have learned!” is one of the best thoughts delivered by one of the greatest coaches of all time. Now when it comes to softball we are talking about unlearning but we are also talking about continuing to learn more.

We all have to accept the fact that none of us know all there is. When it comes to softball, there is always more to learn. In our quest to become the best player or coach we can become, we always have to be looking for new things or better ways to do the things we already believe in.

One of the things that I have said at least a hundred times is that I really wish I knew then, what I know now. I’ve always prided myself on trying to be a lifelong learner. I’ve always enjoyed going to a coaching clinic or watching another team practice in an effort to learn new things. Now we just have to convince more players and coaches to take the same attitude.

What are you willing to learn after you feel like you know it all?