With Bats, Drop is a Good Thing

“What bat should my daughter swing?”

We hear this question almost every day. We also know there’s no shortage of opinions and theories floating around the softball world.

So which is right?

We’re addressing this age-old question with a series of short discussions to help you make an informed decision about what size and weight bat is right for your player.

What is “drop”?

It’s one of the first terms you hear when your daughter begins her fastpitch journey.

“Suzie swings a drop 10.”

“Mackenzie just got a drop 11.”


“Drop” is one term used to describe the size and weight of bats. For example, a bat that’s 34 inches long and weighs 24 ounces is a drop 10 bat.

Companies market fastpitch bats with dimensions from as small as a drop 8 to as large as a drop 14.  The larger the drop, or difference between length and weight, the lighter the bat is for that length.

How long should your daughter’s bat be? What weight does she need? There are many things to consider. We’ll discuss them all in future Fastpitch Prep Tips.