When Softball Gets It Right


We all know someone facing a tough challenge. There’s plenty of misery and sadness in the world and the softball world is not immune.  What separates the softball community is the willingness of people to get involved and to make a difference.


Lucie Ray is a young player with some serious issues with her eyesight. She has a degenerative condition. The solution, in the short term, is for her to start wearing a very high-tech set of glasses that you can’t exactly pick up at LensCrafters.


Lucie plays for the Georgia Trouble travel ball organization and former Canadian Olympian, Deb Sonnenberg. She’s a hard-working kid who really loves to play the game. However, her eyesight is a long term concern for her and her family.


Technology offers hope — but at a steep price.


Word spread through the Trouble organization and not too long ago, Charlie Halsey, one of the players on the organization’s 14U, team came to Sonnenberg with an idea.  She knew about Lucie, her challenges, and decided to get involved. And just like that a movement was started. Halsey and her fellow players designed a t-shirt and started a sales drive to raise funds.  


No trying, no thinking, no excuses, Charlie and her teammates just got it done.


What potential for impacting someone’s life does a team have? This is a clear cut example of one of the many things that makes this game so great.  According the Lucie’s Dad, Beau, the Trouble isn’t a team it is a family and family sticks together when things get tough! One of my favorite quotes is: “Tough times never last, but tough people do!” It is pretty clear that a bunch of tough people are coming together, for Lucie!


What is the moral to the story? They saw someone who needed their help and they got involved. They didn’t talk about it, they did it,


Momentum is created when someone pushes and the Trouble kids gave Lucie a big push!


For more information about Lucie and how to help, please check out these websites!






So now it’s your turn! Lucie Ray needs our help. I’m wearing the t-shirt pictured above as I write this blog, proudly! If you can, please contribute. 


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