When Our Game Comes Back, Please Follow The Rules

It looks like softball will be making a comeback sometime this summer. It also appears that the start up will be staggered throughout the country based on the rules, regulations and opinions of the different government agencies that make those decisions.

We’ll all be excited, but we also need to think a couple things through.

The game we return to will not be the same game we left a few months ago. There will be changes and there will be adjustments. Some of them will be small and easy to accept. Others may seem like a really big deal and be very hard to accept. Either way, the reality is that these changes are coming and we need to wrap our heads around that idea.

Why is it important for all of us to be prepared for these changes?

If we can’t accept the changes we may end up with no softball at all. We’ve all heard the proverb about killing the Golden Goose. That isn’t too far from the world we are going to be embarking on when the games resume.

When they say we need to wear masks or wait in the parking lot until game time or leave the park immediately following our games or sanitize the ball or benches or bat grips we need to accept the fact that this is not a suggestion it is the law.

Whether you agree or not isn’t important. What is important is that we get behind the new rules or face the fact that there could be no softball at all. If we prove we can’t be trusted to follow the rules, then we face the reality that the powers that be will undoubtedly decide that we don’t get to play at all.

Do we want a different kind of softball experience or no softball at all? It could really end up being that simple!