The List

Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a shopping list? What happens? I know what happens to me, I go in thinking I need a very specific and short list of items. Then something very strange happens, over and over. I leave with a bunch of stuff I don’t need and shouldn’t have bought.

This story is meant to help you all make sense of the first roadblock most people encounter in the recruiting process. You can’t know if you’ve found what you want, unless you go into it knowing what you are looking for.

Every player needs to start with a very specific list of the things they are looking for in the school they want to attend. Every list will be different. But taking the time to create the list is crucial. Over the years, I’ve dealt with hundreds of players who wanted to play college softball. The vast majority of them had no idea what they were really looking for.

What should be on a player’s list?  To start with:

  • Balance between academics and softball

  • Academic program

  • Playing time as a freshman

  • Coaching style of the staff

  • Distance from home

There is no right list for all players, but there is a right list for every individual player.

Why is the lack of a list such a problem? Many kids pick the wrong school. You see it every year in the number of transfers, and even sadder, kids quitting softball all together.

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