‘We’ don’t play.

I have heard at least 1,000 parents say something along these lines: “We need to have more pitching time” or “We need to find the right college program” or “We are going to find a team that challenges us more” and on and on the list goes.

I stole this from social media but it is pretty clearly solid logic. If you take your kid’s games too seriously they’re going to hate playing it. Guaranteed!

Parents, your glory days are long gone and trying to relive them through your kids is a disaster waiting to happen. When we are too invested in the games our kids play, we’re stealing something very valuable from them. This is supposed to be their opportunity to learn, grow and have fun through their years of playing softball.

I know you all think you are doing something great for your kids. You are looking out for them. You are insuring that they get the opportunities they deserve, but in reality you are guaranteeing that you get what you want!

There are too many times where the parent getting what they want is not the same thing as the kid getting what she wants. And that is a problem.