Time to Shine? When Nobody’s Watching

There are many catchphrases about how greatness is achieved when no one is watching. There’s a famous quote attached to soccer great Mia Hamm where they talk about how one early morning her coach saw her training by herself, drenched in sweat, hands on knees, even though no one was watching her workout. The point being that her hard work when no one was there to appreciate it is a big part of what made her the greatest soccer player of all time.

Softball players, we need you to learn a valuable lesson from Mia Hamm. We need to be willing to shine bright when no one is watching. We need to work hard all the time, whether anyone knows we are working or not. We shouldn’t need a big crowd or lot of fanfare to motivate us to work hard.

In fact, pride in ourselves will carry us a long way in our softball career and in life. Having the pride to do your best, all the time, is a life skill that will set us up for great things. The best players, students and employees are the people who always do their best, not because someone has told them to but because they know it is the right thing to do. They know they’re going to see their face in the mirror and want to be proud of what they see!