They LOVE Softball in Alaska

There was a photo on social media of a softball game being played in some pretty scary weather in Alaska. We have played on some sketchy fields over the years. There have been some times where I thought it was probably a bad idea to be playing due to the slippery conditions or rough surface but we managed to get through the day and for the most part things went pretty much to script.

When I saw the photo mentioned above it made me think of a lot of things. How stupid it was to be playing in such conditions? Or what kind of lunatic would allow their team to play on a flooded field? Where are the parents of these players and how can they allow their kids to be put in such a dangerous situation? And on and on the list of negative things that my life as a very privileged softball coach was leading me to think.

And then it hit me. I was wrong and I mean maybe as wrong as I have ever been. And that is saying a lot!!

What that photo really shows is that the love of the game and the desire to play it is very powerful! The fact that these players wanted to play bad enough to be out there in these conditions says a lot about them and their love of the game. As I rethought my earlier position, I felt a little guilty for judging harshly what I should have really been celebrating!