These Schools Still Don't Have Softball!



Not too long ago I wrote about the ten schools that I could think of off the top of my head that still don’t sponsor Fastpitch softball as varsity sports. I was pretty proud of myself because I thought it was a pretty good list. Let’s just say that my list was pretty good but…


1. USC. No, not South Carolina, we know they were one of the very first SEC schools to sponsor softball. We are talking about maybe the most shocking school to not field a team in softball. University of Southern California, shame on you!


You have given us O.J. Simpson, Reggie Bush, Pete Carroll and Sam Darnold but no softball. In Southern California? Dang, I mean dang!!


2. Colorado. How can the state that offers the biggest festival of travel ball softball madness not play softball at it’s flagship university? Maybe they could get Triple Crown to help them build a stadium.


3. TCU.  Texas Christian University. Horned Frogs might be one of the stranger team nicknames but I think it would look awesome on a softball uniform!


4. Xavier. Another basketball powerhouse that doesn’t have softball. Could we get something started by creating a fake news story that Cincinnati is starting a team? These teams are happy to battle on the court how about in the race to start a softball program?


5. Wyoming. They may end up with the number one pick in the NFL draft this year. They got a lot of run on ESPN a few years ago for having a “Rudy” type basketball program that was shocking the big boys. They could shock us by adding a softball team!


Thanks to my good friend Kristen Ryman, who is the very successful head coach at Lipscomb University, for contributing to this list. 


I knew this topic would get the conversation going. Please let me know of any other schools that need to be called out. We don’t have to stop at the “ESPN” level schools. Let’s get the ball rolling to put some pressure on these people to get with the program! 


Comments? Questions? Suggestions?