The Starting Nine

Social media is a blessing and a curse. In these times of great unknown and social unrest, there seems to be an awful lot of bad news going around. But, there are also some opportunities to get a chuckle or out right laugh.

Right after I wrote a blog about how I used to create our lineup, I came across a post from Ultimate Baseball Training. I’m not sure if they created it or just reposted it, but I had to laugh out loud. Let’s just say that there system of creating a line up was a little different than mine.

Here goes:

Catcher = toughest kid.

First base = tallest kid.

Second base = smallest kid.

Shortstop = best kid.

Third base = strongest kid.

Left field = nicest kid.

Center field = fastest kid.

Right field = slowest kid.

Pitcher = coach’s kid!

While I have to admit that several of these assumptions do seem to come true pretty often. Some of these are logical from a strategic point of view. We love speed in center field. Shortstop does often seem to be the best or at least one of the very best players on the team. Catcher does seem to often be either the toughest kid or the kid who likes to be in charge of what is going on. Some of the others, while funny might not always be accurate.

What’s the point? Everyone has an idea of what makes a team. Beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder!