The Complete Player: Mind & Body

What does it mean to be a complete player?

Many athletes that I work with spend most of their time working on the physical skills needed to be successful at their sport. They have private instructors for all phases of their physical game; i.e. pitching, hitting, fielding, speed & agility, weight training. I do not know many that spend much time with a sports psychologist.  

I have often posed the question, if 90% of the game is mental…why are we only spending 10% of our time on the mental side of the game? I have worked with teams, as well as individual players to get their mindset right. In this blog, I will share with you things that I have learned from some of the best sports phycologist in the country.

Let me first address some key players in the development of the mentally tough player!

  1. Parents
    Are you helping your kids flourish in the mental game or are you a detriment to your kid? Many players dread the car ride home from games when they have to relive all of the things they did wrong. Are you that parent? While coaching, I have players come to me and say, “Make him stop!” How can a player be completely focused on the process, if they are focused on the yelling coming from a parent outside the fences. I will use this blog to help parents understand how to help their young athlete flourish in this mentally demanding game!

  2. Coaches
    How much emphasis do you put on this side of the game? Do you teach the players ways to get out of their own head? I will help you to learn the routines a player should be using during practice and games to be more a more consistent player. I will guide you in creating a winning culture for your team, and so much more!

  3. Players
    Are you your own worst enemy? How can you practice the mental game? How well do you move on from errors, slumps, losing streaks, etc.? I will help you to get out of your own way to become the player you were born to be!

No matter if you are a parent, coach, or player, you must invest time into studying and practicing the mental side of the game. Everyone needs a deeper understanding of the mindset needed to thrive at this game. In this first blog, I want to leave you with a couple of things that can get you started on your journey of the mental game.

  1. Average Mindset vs Elite Mindset (Brian Cain Peak Performance)  

  2. Success Hotline- (973) 743-4690 
    Call the Success Hotline daily to reinforce the proper mental approach to sports (and life). Dr. Rob Gilbert has a new message for us every day. I highly recommend adding this to your routine!

My hope is that through this blog, you will begin to understand how important it is to start paying close attention to the mental game. I look forward to this journey with you. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at