Level 3: The Next Level of Cheering

Now that we are all on board with the idea that communication is a crucial skill that can, and should, be practiced, we have already taken a gigantic step forward in building a more cohesive team.

Communication allows our team to become a unified force that has built in advantages over a team that lacks the same level of commitment to communication.

The next level up our communication pyramid is the Elementary Level. We all remember elementary school. We ventured into the world of learning as a job that had to be undertaken every day. We moved away from naps and snacks and took on the responsibilities of daily lessons and, gasp, homework!

The Elementary Level of the pyramid is a small, but necessary step toward our communication goals. We are still too inexperienced to understand the complexity of high-level communication but we are now ready to expect our players to remain involved in the game at all times.

This level expects that our team will be able to cheer for each other during all aspects of the game. We are committed to supporting each other and our cheering now includes things that are going on in the game, We are cheering for our teammates to make plays or get hits as a means to help our team succeed.

Progress is slow, but steady. Just like elementary school we need to learn to walk before we can run.

We know we want to run but we haven’t gotten there yet.

But it’s coming…