Technology to get Recruited: Pocket Radar

Coronavirus has created a brave new world when it comes to softball recruiting. For months now, most college coaches have been forbidden from doing any in-person recruiting. They have had to find a new way to “see” the players they are interested in. They have needed a new way to “get to know” the players they are going to recruit.

One of the things that most college coaches find to be very challenging about recruiting is quantifying what a player is really capable of doing. They know game stats are pretty useless because there is no way of putting those numbers into context. There are some numbers, though, that college coaches love.

College coaches love numbers that they can trust, numbers that help them compare players. Bat speed, ball exit speed, overhand throwing speed and pitching speeds are all measurable stats that college coaches can use to help them recruit a player.

College coaches want to be able to see real evidence that tells them what a player is really doing, how much they are improving ,and what areas they may need to improve.

Pocket Radar is one of the most respected tools in the game in the eyes of college coaches. They have created a program that allows players to share information with college coaches. It allows them access to the information they need to be sure they are making better decisions about the players they are recruiting.

“Bring Your Training Home” is a program that was created by Pocket Radar to help players and their families train remotely, develop their skills and be seen with captured video with embedded velocities. The Smart Coach App works in conjunction with your Pocket Radar and your smartphone to create video evidence of a player’s performance with the numbers attached. It creates ironclad evidence of what a player’s skills look like and the speeds that tell a a much more in-depth story about how a player compares to others.

The Smart Coach App also gives a player a great tool to help them train at home and improve their skills while training on their own. It gives a player the information they need to see the areas of their game that need to be improved. Most players want to see evidence they can trust that they need to improve specific skills to compete at a higher level.

The Smart Coach App gives you a way to see the areas the need improvement and a tool to see that improvement as it happens.

We all know that how something “feels” and what is really happening are often quite different. A player might feel like they are throwing harder but knowing for sure is a much better way to measure progress. The Smart Coach App tells you for sure. Knowledge is power and using Pocket Radar will make you much more knowledgable.

We all want to know that our hard work is paying off. Seeing the numbers improve is the key to continued motivation. When a player can see the evidence that their hard work is paying off, they are going to be a lot more likely to stick with their training. Wouldn’t it be great to see your kid dying to get out in the garage to take some swings or throw some pitches because they believe today is the day that they see another gain? Of course it would! And knowing that the progress is real will keep you happy too!