Softball Rules

We are not talking about the rulebook that seems to create a ton of confusion and consternation around the ball park. What we are talking about are some rules that all players should apply to themselves and the way they play the game.

Players, if you follow these simple guidelines you will become a better player, a better teammate and a player that all coaches will want to coach!

  1. Hustle! All the time. Every day. Every play. Every situation. Make up your mind to be the player that out hustles everyone else on the field.
  2. Play Hard! Run out every ground ball. Back up every play. Dive. Slide. Be aggressive. You never know when a game will be your last, play every play like it’s the last one, ever!
  3. Get dirty! Slide. Dive. Lay out. You should always leave the field dirtier that when you arrived. Always!!
  4. Help out! Help with team gear. Help with field duties. Help your teammates in between innings. Help your teammates by always being where you are supposed to be on the field.
  5. Train hard! Work on your game. On your own. At practice. In lessons. Make up your mind to be the best player you can be.
  6. Sweat is okay! Work hard, period. It is a great sign when you leave practice soaked in sweat and covered with dirt.
  7. Cheer! For your teammates. For your team. With passion. All the time.
  8. Communicate! Teams that communicate win. The more you and your teammates are coordinated the better you will play. The more you communicate the fewer mistakes you will make.
  9. Be on time! Yes, life happens but you need to plan ahead. If you are early you are on time, if you are on time you are late.

Live your softball life by these rules and you will accomplish great things!