Softball Karma

Have you ever wondered if things do really even out in this game?

Sunday, I was sitting in the dugout with our team facing a 5-2 deficit in what appeared to be the last inning of the game. My frustration wasn’t because we were losing but because I felt the softball gods caused the deficit.

Yes, we had given up five runs, but I had myself convinced that the only clean run was the run scored on a solo home run. The other four were the result of a series of choppers, bloopers, dinkers, gorks, squibs, bad hops and one really big error.  I mentioned to one of our other coaches how it was so frustrating to be down in a game when it felt like so much of the deficit was the result of what feels like bad luck more than anything else.

We went to the plate with the right part of our order coming to the plate. A comeback was certainly possible, but time was running out. The first hitter made an out.

Then, it began.

A blooper.

An error.

A wild pitch.

Another error.

All of a sudden we were down one with a runner at first. We were able to sub in a fast runner, so a double would probably tie the game.

Then the big shot,  a sinking line drive to left tailing away from the left fielder. She made a valiant effort to make a game-saving play and laid out for the ball, which tipped off her glove and rolled into the corner. All of a sudden, we’re tied with the winning run at third.

Up comes one of our hottest hitters. Of course, she delivers the dinkiest of all dinkers, right down the left-field line.

We score the winning run.

What’s the moral of the story? I firmly believe that what comes around does go around in this great game. I don’t think it usually happens that way, all in one game, like it did on Sunday.  But I do believe that over time, these things do all even out.

So next time you feel like the game is being unfair to you, have faith! May the Gork be with you!