So You Think You've Seen it All?


Facebook is a wonderful thing when you have some time to kill or an accomplishment to celebrate. It’s also an amazing source of information that you never used to miss seeing but now wonder how you ever lived without it.


You all know I have spent a lot of time talking about crazy parents and the impact they are having on youth sports. I know, for every lunatic there are dozens of great parents who know their role and stay in their lane


But what happens when one coach of a youth football teams says something about the son of one of his assistant coaches? Remember we are talking about coaches on the same team here. We are going to use our Dragnet philosophy on this one where the names were changed to protect the innocent…


Coach A grabs Coach B and chokes him into unconsciousness!


Wait, that wasn’t what you expected to hear? You thought there would be some adult discussion and airing of grievances. That the two coaches could decide to sort this all out like adults.




Now there is always more to the story. What really caused this unfortunate situation is probably more complicated and involved than the post explains. Still, no matter what the back story is, there’s no way to explain away choking another person into unconsciousness.


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