Respect the Coach

One of the oldest ideas in the world of athletics is that we want our players to respect their coaches. That doesn’t mean that the coach is perfect or never makes a mistake but that we are going to respect the position and person who fills it.

We all know that this simple idea is a lot easier to say than it is for some people to do. We see a lot of cases where players and parents are disrespecting the people who coach their teams and the fallout is disturbing.

Parents, here is your chance! It’s amazing what happens to your child’s outlook when you model respect for their coach. If you show your kid that you support and respect their coaches, they are going to follow your lead.

You might not agree with everything the coach does. You might nor agree with the way they run the team. You may not always think the coach uses the right strategy or players, but if you demonstrate the simple fact that you respect the coach, you kids will do the same.

When you set the right example, your kids will follow. When your kids respect their coaches they will have a better experience and everyone will be a whole lot happier.

Wouldn’t that be great?