Scholarships for Women? Oh, yes!

We have talked about recruiting an awful lot. We know that many of our readers and listeners are aspiring to play college softball and that is a great dream. One of the reasons why is the hope of achieving some sort of scholarship money to help make school more affordable. We ave also talked about how competitive it is trying a earn a softball scholarship. 

Well, there is some great news and it is something that all of our aspiring softball players should pay attention to. Yes, a softball scholarship would be great but there are also a lot of different opportunities for you to receive financial assistance to pay for school.

The title of this blog should give you a big hint. There are many scholarships available to women only! That’s right, in this day and age of political correctness and treating everyone equally there are many scholarship programs available to women which obviously creates a great opportunity.

Where do you look? There are a bunch of categories and groups for you to investigate.

General Scholarships for women. When the student isn’t sure of an exact area of study then general scholarships are a great choice. Here are a couple places to look:

1000 Dreams Scholarship FundAAUW Scholarship Program

Army Women’s Foundations Legacy Scholarships (Must be current, former or direct family member of a soldier)

Emerge Scholarship (Georgia residents only)

STAR Scholarships

SBMEF Scholarships

Scholarships for Women in Business, Finance or Accounting.  For students who want to study in these areas. Specific areas of study limit the competition.

Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting Scholarships.

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

PBWC Academic Scholarship Program (California residents only)

WIIT Trust Scholarship

Women in Public Finance Scholarship

Scholarships for Women in Teaching and Education. Many educators do not earn huge salaries so keeping the cost down is a great place to start. Some of these programs will require the recipient to teach in certain areas or a specific population.

AASA Scholarship Program

American Montessori Society Teacher Education Scholarship

Barbara Lotze Scholarship

US Dept. of Education TEACH Grant

Scholarships for Women in STEM. There are many scholarship opportunities for women interested in STEM where many schools are pushing to increase the number of women in these areas.

ABC Humane Wildlife Control Academic Scholarship

Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Scholarship

AWIS Kirsten R. Lorenzen Award

Aysen Tunca Memorial Scholarship

Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship

NOAA Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Fund

OpenStack Scholarship Program

Society of Women Engineers

Women Techmakers Scholars Program

Scholarships for Women in Nursing, Medicine and Health. This traditional area for female students is still loaded with scholarship opportunities.

ANNA Career Mobility Scholarships

Future Care Scholarship

March of Dimes Nursing Scholarships

Oncology Nursing Society Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships for Minority Women. Many opportunities exist for women of specific minority groups but there are also generic scholarships available across group lines.

AWG Minority Scholarship

Illustrating Awesomeness Scholarships

Judith McManus Price Scholarship

Anarcha, Betsy and Lucy Memorial Scholarship Award (Must be a medical student)

Anita Young Boswell Scholarship

Julianne Malveau Scholarship

Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship Fund’

UNCF Essence Scholars Program

AANAPISI Scholarship Program

Asian Women in Business Scholarship

Chican Latina Foundation Scholarships

Hispanic Women’s Council Scholarship Program

InGenesis Diversity Leadership Scholarship

Association of American Indian Affairs Scholarship

Mary Ball Carrera Scholarship

This of course is not an all-inclusive list. We hope this will give you a jumping off point in your search of ways to help pay for your college education. be sure to ask the financial aid office of your school, the guidance office at your high school and local business and benevolent groups who also might be able to open some doors for you.

Good luck and Good hunting!