Quit This!

Winners never quit and quitters never win! This golden oldie has been circulating around the world of athletics for as long as there have been athletes. My guess is there were Roman gladiators who heard an early version of these powerful words.

Well, sorry to say there are some times when quitting is the right strategy. Here is a list of things that softball players and coaches would really be better off if they quit them, and I mean right now.

  1. Stop trying to please everyone. You’re never going to make all the people in your life happy, so stop trying. Focus on trying to please yourself first and then help the people in your life do the same.
  2. Stop fearing change. Being afraid of the unknown is common. We are usually resistant to change, but without change there is no growth. Never be afraid of changing things in your life. You never know what doors you are opening.
  3. Stop living in the past. To get over the past, you have to accept that the past is over. No matter how many times you relive the mistakes of your past. they aren’t going to change anything. It’s over and can’t cause you any more pain.
  4. Stop putting yourself down. Saying negative things about yourself, even just to yourself, is one of the most destructive things we can do. Your thoughts become your reality. When you run yourself down you are creating unnecessary stress in your life.
  5. Stop overthinking. We have all heard about paralysis from analysis. it is important to think things through but thinking about things for too long usually leads to a lack of action. If you want something positive to happen you have to take action. Period

All of these habits make our lives more complicated and difficult. Quit doing these things and you can count on being a better player and coach.

Quitters do win, when they quit the right things!