Good Pressure vs. Bad Pressure


Billy Joel sang a song where he talked about this very topic. There are many places in our lives that we feel the uncomfortable feeling of expectations. You heart rate rises, your pulse quickens, your palms sweat and you just want it to stop.


Then we head out to the ballpark where life is simpler! The sun is shining, hopefully, and the energy level is high. I hear people say often, that a day at the ballpark is always a great day. As adults, we see the time we spend on the ball park as our fun time and we really look forward to it.


And then, something happens! Warmups start and the pressure already begins to ramp up. When the first pitch is thrown the expectations are really starting to escalate and the kids are already starting to show the signs of feeling the pressure. God forbid anything bad happens because we can already anticipate that the wheels are about ready to fall of the cart.


I understand that athletics is an arena where pressure is part of the deal. It’s the pressure that makes accomplishment in athletics so much fun. But I think we need a little reality check about when the pressure of expectations need to be applied and to what age of players it needs to be applied.


Next time you find yourself wanting to yell at your 8-year-old softball player, give this discussion some thought. 


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