Portal Problems – Greener Grass?

One of the oldest sayings in the books, right? “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!” If you read part one of this discussion you already know I have some issues with the transfer portal so this will not come as a surprise but I have to disagree with the timeless saying already mentioned.

Sure I understand that one of the greatest motivators for players to enter the portal is the opportunity to play at a higher level of competition. Or for the players already playing at the highest levels, the chance to play for a national championship. There is no doubt, that many players feel hamstrung in their current programs and feel like their best chance to achieve some personal accomplishments will be in a different program.

So looking at the almost completed 2022 season how many of the players who transferred to greener pastures really found the success they were looking for? Well, that depends, and in this case there are a few high profile players who found a much greater level of success at their new school versus their old school. One example off a player who took off in her new environment is KB Sides who left Alabama for Arkansas and became the SEC Conference Player of the Year and contributed to her new teams amazing success. She really did find “greener grass”!

But, for every success story there are some, now failure is way too harsh of a word, but who we can say didn’t find the “greener grass” they were looking for. I’ve never been one to find any satisfaction in another persons disappointment but a big part of me hopes that a few more players will take a good hard look before they jump ship.

Where is the grass greener? Where you water it! My hope is that a few more players may look at the idea of trying to take a little better care of their current situation before they decide that leaving is the only solution. You can hope, right?

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