Play Hard? You Must Practice Hard!

Social media continues to give me ideas for topics to discuss. The other day I saw a photo of a banner at a ballpark that said, “You Can Not Practice Soft And Expect To Play Hard.” Pretty obvious, you say?

One of the things that is becoming very clear to me is that many things that we assume are obvious are not really that obvious because so many players and coaches don’t seem to understand them.

Coaches, parents and players, you all need to make this concession if we want to start to have the success on game day that we want. Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to just play the games and whatever happens, happens, as long as we all know that is what we are signing up for.

How we practice has a clear impact on how we are going to play. If our practices are very social events with a major emphasis on post-practice treats, then we are likely to play the game with that same level of intensity. Again, not wrong, just what it is.

The problem is too many coaches, parents and players want to have popsicle practices and then play hardcore games. Crazy, right? Of course, it is.

Coaches, it starts with you running an organized practice that emphasizes teaching the game and working hard at improving the players skills and knowledge.

Parents, it requires understanding that you need to have your kid there on time and be willing to stay late if need be.

Players, it means coming to practice ready to work with an attitude of wanting to get better.

You play like you practice, obvious, right?