Pitcher + Catcher = Everything!



As a catcher, your top priority is to take care of your pitcher.


The two of you act as one because the two of you have the greatest influence on the outcome of the game.


Your job as the catcher is to understand how your pitcher handles stressful situations. Does your pitcher respond well when you tell her to step it up a notch and dig deep? Or, does your pitcher respond better when you go to the mound and crack a joke to calm her nerves?


Every pitcher is different in that sense. Imagine knowing you are the center of attention on every pitch and knowing that each pitch can determine success or failure?


Pretty stressful, huh? 


Here’s how you can help:

  • Be her backbone.

  • Be her biggest supporter.

  • Encourage her every move.

  • Know what her best pitch is and USE IT!

  • Be vocal!


Tell your pitcher what you want to see from them. Let your pitcher (and everyone else in the ballpark) know that you working hard to ensure her success (and the success of entire team).


The two of you are the team within the team.


About the Author: Claudia Cooper,played at North Carolina State from 2006–10. She had the second highest OBP for the Wolfpack during her Junior season and rounded out that year with a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage. After graduation, she spent the 2010–11 season as a student assistant at her alma mater. Since leaving NC State, Coop has been a staff instructor at Elite Training Academy, coaching individuals, small groups and teams. Book her here.


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