One right or many wrongs?

She is:

  • Dropping her hands

  • Stepping in the bucket

  • Pulling her head

  • Not finishing her swing

  • Chasing the rise ball


So all these problems are legitimate reasons why kids don’t hit, right? Well of course these are all bad symptoms of larger problems that make hitting more difficult than It should be.

We need to make a fundamental change in how we teach players to play this game.

It’s time to stop listing the things a player is doing wrong and to start suggesting the things we want them to do to do things better.

Negative breeds more negative. Always has and always will.

That doesn’t mean that we should ignore a problem, but rather we need to turn that negative into a positive. If we focus on what is wrong our players get overwhelmed with all the things that need to be fixed, rather than working on something that will make it better.

Focus on doing one more thing right. Pick something that you think will help, and in a positive way, introduce that “right” into a players game and they will respond much better, much quicker.

Try it, they’ll like it!