Meet The Super Fan

During this crazy year of quarantines and Coronavirus we have seen all kinds of things around the softball park. Unfortunately, some of those things just make me shake my head and go what the heck are people thinking. The bad news and the bad actors seem to always get the majority of the news coverage and become social media “stars” for all the wrong reasons.

Well, today we are going to talk about when softball gets it right. We all know that the vast majority of softball players are good people. The number of amazing things that softball players, coaches and teams do on a regular basis would keep me writing for years. It makes me proud the be associated with so many class acts.

A couple weeks ago I saw a Facebook post that made me smile for hours. The Oklahoma Athletics travel team had won a tournament in OKC and during the awards ceremony, the team was presented with its “Champions” t-shirts, a normal occurrence all over the softball world. Or maybe it was something a little more than normal.

The Athletics have a young man named Adam who by all accounts has to be described as their Super Fan. He is enthusiastic in his support and the team knows he has their back.

We all need someone like Adam in our corner who always thinks we can, even when we might start to doubt whether we can.

Well, Layne Smith, a catcher on the team, recognized Adam for his support when she presented him with her “Champions” t-shirt. The look on Adam’s face in the pictures on Facebook were priceless. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this golden oldie was never more clear than in that celebration picture from OKC.

Thank you Layne for reminding us all why we love this game. A small act of kindness makes a huge difference, and with all the difficult things that 2020 has thrown at us all it was great to have a breath of fresh air.

Please listen to our Everything Fastpitch podcast when the latest episode publishes on July 29th. We recognized Layne Smith as our Fastpitch Prep Player of the Week.

Have a great day!