Meet The Country's Toughest Softball Player – and She Needs Your Help

The Fastpitch community can accomplish great things when we set our minds to it! People, this is one of those times. Please take a second and get to know our Player of the Week, Kinlee Johnson, who is a member of the AP Johnson 09 team, but in many ways is a part of every team, everywhere!


Kinlee has been in the fight for her life for a while now! She was diagnosed with Stage 5 Medullablastoma Brain Cancer on Nov. 3rd, 2017. She underwent immediate surgery and has faced a long list of treatments since. She is an amazing kid who loves softball, loves her family and loves God! Well, now it’s time for us to give her a little love back.


Kinlee has kicked cancer’s butt and is on a long road to recovery that will see her regain her strength and, someday, return to the ball field where she will show the world what is possible when you have faith.


On June 22, 2018 Kinlee was told she is cancer free!


On Saturday Sept. 22nd, we celebrated Kinlee at an Atlanta Fastpitch Company tournament in McDonough, GA. A group of 10U teams were assembled to play in a tournament and Kinlee was a special guest. She was invited to throw out the first pitch and got to spend some time hanging out with the teams and players.



Kinlee also received a special present from my good friend, Jon Stewart and his Vipers team. Kinlee, it seems has always loved miniature pigs! I know it’s not the typical family pet but Jon did a little research and found the “cutest” little pig I have ever seen and presented it to Kinlee at the ball field. Kinlee had the biggest smile on her face. The pig was a celebrity, too!


The Johnson family has dealt with a tremendous financial drain due to KInlee’s ongoing medical bills. Her mom, Nicole was recently let go from her job due to the amount of time she had to spend away from work to tend to Kinlee and all her needs. 


This fastpitch family needs our help. Sunday, it was my pleasure to make a donation to the gofundme page that was created to help raise money for the Johnson family. The initial hope is to provide enough money for the family to have a Christmas they will always remember.


Let’s do something amazing here!


Please donate:


If everyone who reads this blog will make a donation — no matter the amount — we can make a difference in this family’s future.





The sky is the limit!


Seeing the smile on Kinlee’s face at the top of this blog tells a much greater story than I ever can. This is an amazing kid who is a warrior in every sense of the word. She went to war with one of the scariest opponents anyone can face and, with the help and love of her family, won the biggest game ever played!


We are recognizing Kinlee as our Fastpitch Prep Player of the Week because of the message of hope she sends to everyone facing a challenge.  


For all the lessons of faith and hope she is teaching us, she is really the Player of Forever!


Please donate!!