Lou Said What?

Lou Holtz is one of the most successful college football coaches ever. When he finished his coaching career, he headed into broadcasting and reached a whole new group of football fans. He was also one of the most sought after public speakers around, which has allowed him the opportunity to touch many other people who might not even have been football fans. Over the course of his great career he has talked to literally millions of people.

Well, the other day I saw a post of Facebook where Coach Holtz was asked a very straightforward question that, depending on your outlook, will either be music to you ears or might just rub you the wrong way.

Question: Can you describe the difference between the football players today and those you coached 50 years ago?

Answer: “Simple, Today’s athletes talk about rights and privileges and the players 50 years ago talked about obligations and responsibilities!”

So some of us read this quote and want to scream hallelujah. Others will read them and think, just another old coach telling us how great the good old days were. You know they do call them the GOOD old days for a reason!

Well said, coach!