Level 7: Becoming a Master

Well, if you have stuck with this project this long, then I know for sure you get the importance of communication. It makes my heart happy to know that at least one person is reading this…no seriously! What is the moral? We are communicating about communication!! Dang, that’s pretty cool

We are getting pretty close to the summit of the pyramid. It has been a tough climb so far, but the truth is you can see the top of the mountain from here. And when you get to the top you are going to love the view!!

The next level of our communication pyramid is the Masters Level. Today, we almost all go to college but not everyone goes to graduate school. To make the commitment to go to grad school requires you to take an extraordinary step in advancing your education. Here we are asking our teams to take an extraordinary step in advancing their performance and their ability to win at a very high level.

Masters Level Communication includes a great deal of information being shared among team members. We are now communicating about the primary and secondary plays. We are not only talking about the basics but all the what if’s that can arise.

The score and the inning are also now factors that we consider on a regular basis. These factors greatly influence the choices we make on the field. We are changing our strategies based on probabilities influenced by the score and inning, and each player is aware of the changes created.

We are also processing long-term information in the form of scouting reports based on past competition with the team we are playing. Players are aware of the scouting reports and communicate with each other about the information we have acquired.

All in all we have reached a very high level of communication and are light years ahead of the vast majority of teams we compete against. With communication at this level, we are going to play the game at a very high level where mental mistakes are extremely rare and our play is positively impacted by the way we communicate with each other.

John Lennon sang a song called “Imagine.” Just imagine how great it would be to coach a team that communicates at this level! Beautiful!

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