How Mind and Body Create Hitters

Hitters spend countless hours trying to perfect their swing. They work on mechanics and form until they feel confident that they have accomplished their goal of creating a consistent swing. We have to agree that a big part of any successful hitter lies in their ability to have a mechanically sound swing.

Unfortunately, many hitters fail to understand that, no matter how good their mechanics are, their mental approach will also play a huge role in their success, or lack of success. The great Yogi Berra said, “90% of the game is mental and the other half is physical” and there is a lot of truth in that statement.

Your mind controls what your body does. If you want your great mechanics to shine on game day, your mind has to support those mechanics. When a hitter goes up to the plate with doubt or apprehension in their mind, their mechanics fly out the window.

How do we allow all the work we have done on our swing to show up on game day?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

These three simple words are the key to becoming the hitter you want to be. When a hitter goes up to the plate with an aggressive mindset they are much more likely to swing the way they practice. When your mind is creating the expectation that you are going to swing your body will follow that plan and get really ready to hit.

If you are REALLY ready to hit, you are a lot more likely to take the swing you have been practicing. If you are kind of, sort of, maybe getting ready to hit your swing will suffer.

Your MIND has to work with your BODY to create the swing you want to take.