Hitting is Like a Ball Of String

We have all seen the roadside attractions where you can stop and see something extraordinary. Depending on where you are you can see the world’s largest something or world’s fastest something else. It might be something historical or whimsical or just plain weird but we have all see them. Well, I saw the “Worlds Largest Ball of String” on a road trip through Missouri and, honestly, it didn’t really make that big of an impression on me. Then I started thinking about hitting and the image of this massive ball of string came rushing back to me.

To create the world’s largest ball of string they had to start with a little bit if string that makes up the core of the ball. And then over time they add more and more layers to the ball until the ball becomes huge. Each layer adds more and more mass to the overall size of the ball but one thing always remains. No matter how many more layers you add, the core is always there, and without the core the whole thing falls apart.

Now you see where I am going with this, don’t you!

Hitters have to start off with a very solid core of the most fundamental pieces. They need to have a solid base. Their most fundamental parts of their swing have to be rock solid before we worry about the next layer and then the next. Too many hitters, and their parents, are looking for a quick fix. They want to move on to more advanced things because they hear about them around the ball park or watching a game on ESPN and this is where we often get into real trouble.

Worrying about launch angle and angle of attack and bat lag and on and on the list goes will become very important for all players at some point in time. But worrying about those advanced topics before a hitter is ready will lead to a long and difficult journey filled with setbacks. And even more important, is the most advanced hitter should never forget about the most basic fundamentals because if those disappear their swing will fall apart just like that of the beginner.

You can find a million metaphors about how every journey starts with a single step. All good things have to start from a solid foundation and nothing more than hitting! Never forget how it all starts!

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