4. Be Motivated



Great pitchers share one common and very strong trait; They are highly motivated people. They see their goals and work very hard to achieve them.


Pitching is a very difficult skill. Becoming great at it requires extraordinary effort and focus. 


When you talk to a great pitcher she always has a “why” to explain what she is accomplishing. The “why” is the missing ingredient that stops many young pitchers in their tracks. This “why” can’t be created by a players parents, coaches or friends. It has to come from within the pitcher, because she’s the one who really wants it.


In the baseball world, you have a clear example of a group of people who have a very clear “why’. When you see or hear players from the Dominican Republic talk about baseball they have a much different outlook than many other players do. “You have to hit two get off the island” said Sammy Sosa and this sentiment rings true for many others. Baseball is their way out of poverty, out of terrible living conditions, and into a world of hope.


They are super committed because they know their “why.”


As you work with a pitcher, you can often discover what motivates them. We always wanted to know what each persons “why” was. Some players are driven by wanting to prove to the world that they are great at something. Others really want to help others have success and are driven by the idea of helping their team be successful. Some are true competitors who love the spotlight and crave the attention. Whatever each players “Why” is it is very helpful as a coach to have a good understanding of it.


Can you be a successful pitcher without a strong motivator — without a “why”? Yes, I do believe you can achieve a certain level of success when going through the motions.


But we are not talking about having a level of success, we are talking about great.


Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm!


About the Author: Cat Fritts (Hosfield) was four-year standout at the University of Tennessee, She went 49-22 with a 2.91 ERA in her career for the Vols, earning Southeastern Conference (SEC) Freshman Player of the Week honors in 2009, while also earning SEC Honor Roll accolades following the ’10, ’11 and ’12 seasons at UT. She was named the 2008 National High School Player of the Year by the National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) while at Murfreesboro High School. Book her here.


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