Complete Recruiting Package

Skills Video

Fastpitch Prep has the experience to create a skills video that is designed for maximum effect with the college coaches you are trying to reach. Our video crew will set up and shoot all the footage required to showcase your offensive and defensive skills.  The basic video will feature all your offensive skills and your two main defensive positions. The video is then edited into short clips of each skill that will plug in neatly with Fastpitch Prep Profile.


We are committed to creating a video that is designed to showcase each player’s true abilities. These videos are created in a format that will be appealing to the college coaches a player will be sending their video to. We encourage each player to bring a high level of energy and effort to the day when their video is shot. We will produce a high quality video but it is each player’s responsibility to perform at the level they want to show.


Player Assessment

Many fastpitch players aspire to play college softball. Most players and, their parents, start off the recruiting process dreaming the big dream. They watch the College World Series on ESPN and want to go to Florida or Oklahoma or Auburn, but the truth is that these schools are not a realistic goal for many players. Unfortunately, these players waste a great deal of time and energy chasing the dream and miss out on many opportunities at a wide variety of other schools.


We believe that there is a real need for players, and their parents, to get an evaluation done by someone who can give them honest feedback. Most travel ball and high school coaches are too close to their players to be able to give them this type of assessment.  Some college coaches are willing to tell a player they are not interested in them but are not in a position to give the feedback a player needs to adjust their search.


Fastpitch Prep is offering an opportunity for aspiring players to have a better understanding of where they fit into the recruiting landscape. Our experienced staff of former college coaches will conduct an in-depth evaluation of a player and provide them with a detailed report listing their strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.


We will measure bat speed, throwing speed, snap times for catchers, pitch speeds and spin rates for pitchers, home to first, home to home and several other standard tests. These results allow each player to be compared with other players in their recruiting class. Much like how SAT and ACT give prospective students a range of schools that match their academic level, Fastpitch Prep will offer the same type of evaluation for a players softball ability.



Fastpitch Prep Profile

Fastpitch Prep Profile is a service created by Fastpitch Prep where players can store, maintain and share their information in a database that is easily accessible to college coaches.  Profile is set up in a format that is designed to meet the needs of the college coaches who will be looking for information about the players who have contacted them.


Fastpitch Prep Profile can be easily updated which allows a player to add or change information as their game changes and improves.  Awards, accomplishments, schedules and highlights can be updated regularly.


Recruiting Seminar

The Recruiting Seminar will cover all aspects of the recruiting process. How to effectively communicate with college coaches through well-written e-mails and organized phone calls. Setting up visits. Creating a strong player profile, strategies to effectively communicate and promote your player to college coaches. Selecting the right program and looking at which schools really match up with your long-term goals are all covered topics. Take advantage of our years of recruiting experience.