Fastpitch Prep Tips: Pitchers always do their best


During many years and countless hours watching softball, I’ve heard some things that just make me want to cry.

We’ve all have heard the old saying about there being no such thing as a stupid question. While some of these ballpark comments aren’t stupid…

Just throw strikes!
Does the person saying this really think the pitcher is trying to walk hitter after hitter? Or that the struggling pitcher has the knowledge or maturity to instantly correct whatever they are doing to cause the apparent lack of control?

Every time I hear this, I cringe. I also feel sadness for the pitcher, who is out there giving it her best effort.

Let’s make one fundamental assumption: Pitchers are doing their best to throw strikes and thus, get hitters out.

What causes a pitcher to struggle and have difficulty accomplishing this goal is a subject for another time. One thing I guarantee: A coach, parent or teammate yelling at them to, “just throw strikes,” won’t solve the problem.

And, have you ever noticed, the same people yelling about throwing a strike will then yell about throwing it fat over the heart of the plate if the ball does get hit?

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