Fastpitch Prep Recruiting Tip of the Week: The Right Fit

Many players hope to play at the college level. Understanding the recruiting process is one of the most difficult tasks facing a softball player and her family.

We are going to share our insight into this difficult process through a series of weekly tips.

This Week: What college program is a good fit for me?

Answering this fundamental question is crucial to helping a player target the schools that match their wishes.

Part of this decision is based on the player’s athletic abilities and her desire to earn playing time on the field. The rest dependS on what a player wants to accomplish in the classroom and, later, in their career.

Finding where an athlete fits in academically is often the easier question to answer. When you take the ACT, you get a printout that lists your scores and the type of schools where you’re most likely to be accepted and successful.

You know when you apply for a school if your grades and test scores will qualify you for admission. And information about the institution’s academics is usually just a click away.

Unfortunately, getting the same type of feedback about a player’s softball ability is a lot more difficult to get. Most players watch the Women’s College World Series on ESPN and dream of playing at one of those schools. Sadly, the majority of players who dream that dream have no chance of it coming true.

Parents love their kids and want them to be happy. They are also rarely the best judges of their player’s softball ability. A player’s coach is also guilty of some of the same bias. Plus, parents and coaches are afraid of crushing the dreams of their player.

This means both parents and coaches aren’t really to help a player determine where they fit in.

Getting an unbiased evaluation of a player’s softball skills is crucial to helping a player focus in on schools that are likely to be the right school.

One of the services offered by Fastpitch Prep is a skills assessment and evaluation done by an experienced former college coach.

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