E-mail: The Recruiting Tool

E-mail is an important tool for all players who hope to play in college. All coaches use e-mail as a way to communicate with recruits and their families. Unfortunately too many players make some very fundamental mistakes that doom them in the recruiting world.

Never ignore an e-mail from a college coach, period. If you are not interested in the school, respectfully respond and let that coach know. Thank them for their interest and mean it. You never know who that coach is friends with or when that coach might move to a school that you are interested in. Burning a bridge by being rude is really dumb!

When you do reply be sure you have all the correct information. Be sure you have the right name, school, conference, mascot or whatever you are talking about correct. Do your research and be careful with cut and paste!

Remember that many schools do not have the budget to travel all over the country to see you play. If a coach asks for video, be sure to send it. If they ask for academic information, send it. It means they are interested in you and the harder you work to give them the information they need could increase their likelihood of finding a way to see you play.

Stand out from the crowd. Send an e-mail that gets the coach’s attention. Make a personal connection. Let them know you are really interested in their program.

Keep working at staying in front of the coaches you are in contact with. Don’t be afraid of sending too much stuff. If the coach doesn’t have the time to look at something right now, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to keep getting your e-mails. Trust me, they will let you know if you should stop.

Follow these rules and you’ll be far ahead of the competition.

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