Dream Big

Yes, some parents are sure that their child is going to be the big winner and earn a softball scholarship, but what many of these parents are really doing is keeping their kid’s dream alive. Whether the dream of earning a scholarship, making the Olympic team, or playing professionally is a realistic dream or not isn’t really the point. The fact that the kid has the dream is the only thing that matters to most parents.

When we reach for the stars, something amazing can happen. If we pour our hearts and souls into chasing after a dream, we give our kids a chance to make that dream come true. If we are willing to invest our time and money into the dream, if we are going to make the sacrifices that we need to make to give our kids a chance to chase their dreams, then who is really allowed to judge whether its a good investment or not.

Statistics certainly bear out one version of the truth, but we all know about examples of people who achieved greatness when no one thought it was possible. Even when the odds were stacked very drastically against them, they overcame all those obstacles and achieved greatness.  Anyone think Serena Williams was going to become the greatest tennis player of all time when she was 10 or 11?  Of course not.

Our reach must exceed our grasp, in sports and in life. If we reach for the stars we know we are going on an amazing journey and whether it was a good trip will be for each family to decide!