Don't Cut Her Coaches Down


There are a lot of really smart people involved in the great game of fastpitch softball. It has been my pleasure to learn from many of them. Here is a list compiled from some of those really smart people and published by Denny at Tincher Pitching.  I’ve stolen the list but added a few of my own points to their very good article.



Tearing down her coaches is one of the most damaging things you can do. When she gets into the real world her boss might not be perfect. Hell, even her husband might not be perfect. Everything you say makes an impact. When you demean the efforts of these people in her life you are creating a great deal of confusion and apprehension for your daughter.


How about sharing the things that she can learn from a tough situation? Maybe encourage her to speak with the coach directly if she has a question? Or talk about how great it is to have a coach who is so willing to sacrifice for the good of the team, even though they may not be the greatest coach alive?