Define Yourself

We all know that athletes are often evaluated. In some cases there are sportswriters and bloggers watching an athlete’s every move. They will try to summarize what the player has done on the field and in turn draw conclusions about the player’s skills and effort. We all hope to get a great evaluation, but we all know that sometimes our performance doesn’t warrant a good grade.

We have a choice in how we are evaluated as a softball player, coach or person.

When you work hard. When you are serious about your training. When you care about your performance. When you care about your teammates. When you listen to your coaches. And when you always do your best, you’re going to be seen in a positive light. Your performance might not always be stellar but because of your attitude and effort you are often given the benefit of the doubt and another opportunity to perform better the next time.

When you are careless. When you are lazy. When you are a bad teammate. When you are disrespectful to coaches. When you skip out on your training you send a very negative message and will be evaluated in a much more critical way. The player who falls into this category may be playing at the same level as the positive teammate but you can count on their performance being graded much more harshly.

You can define how people are going to think about you. If you choose to be a go-getter who demonstrates a great attitude and work ethic, you paint a very flatering picture of yourself. Make the right choice! It will pay off!