Thanks to Erin Sykes for the post on Facebook that inspired this blog.

Many kids say they want to play college softball. Many parents are investing a large amount of time and money to allow their kids to have these dreams. Many coaches at the school-ball and travel-ball levels are working hard to help their players fulfill the dream of playing college softball. So with all these people working hard to help a player’s dreams come true then what is the problem?

Too many of the well-meaning parents and coaches allow their college aspiring players to get into habits that will really set them back at the college level. When we allow a player to show up late, to miss practices, to make excuses or explain away why they didn’t do something they were supposed to do we are setting a player up for failure at the college level.

A college coach’s livelihood depends on the decisions made by the players in their program. College coaches are going to hold their players to a very high standard when it comes to meeting deadlines and getting things done. They are not in the second- and third-chance business very often, so we need to start preparing our players to be accountable for all things.

Players, if you think your college coach is going to believe/care/accept the excuses that many of you are used to using, you are going to be very disappointed with your college experience. It is your job to be where you are supposed to be, on time, every time!

Parents and Coaches. Start holding your kids accountable now. No more excuses, no more I missed the message, no more I didn’t know. You will be happier in the long run!