Recruiting Video Package

Skills Video

Fastpitch Prep has the experience to create a skills video that is designed for maximum effect with the college coaches you are trying to reach. Our video crew will set up and shoot all the footage required to showcase your offensive and defensive skills. 

The basic video will feature all your offensive skills and your two main defensive positions.  You can add additional defensive positions for an up charge of $25 per position.


The video is then edited into short clips of each skill that will plug in neatly with Fastpitch Prep Profile.  College coaches receive hundreds of videos each week. Fastpitch Prep is creating skills videos that stand out from the crowd and are edited into skills specific clips that the college coaches can easily view.


We are committed to creating a video that is designed to showcase each player’s true abilities. These videos are created in a format that will be appealing to the college coaches a player will be sending their video to. We encourage each player to bring a high level of energy and effort to the day when their video is shot. We will produce a high quality video but it is each player’s responsibility to perform at the level they want to showcase.

To schedule your skills video please go to our store to order.  We will then contact you to schedule.


Team Package

We are offering a team discount to any group that will has a minimum of 4 players who wish to produce a recruiting video.  To qualify for the team discount a team must have at least 4 players who all shoot their video at the same location on the same date. The team also agrees to share Fastpitch Prep website and social media links through their team social media presence.


Organization Package

Fastpitch Prep will  offer an organization wide discount to any organization that has a minimum of 25 total players who are able to shoot their skills videos in groups of at least 12 at one location on one date.  The organization agrees to share Fastpitch Prep website and social media links through their social media presence.  The organization also agrees to share future Fastpitch Prep promotions to all members of their organization.  Each player who signs up for an organization package will receive a 10% discount on Fastpitch Prep merchandise, on line video productions and any Fastpitch Prep Camps or Clinics.