Coaching Services

C O A C H I N G    S E R V I C E S

Fastpitch Prep offers a wide variety of training programs for coaches. All programs are flexible in their content to meet the needs of coaches at all levels, from rec to travel or first time coach to veteran.


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Rent A Coach

Coaches of all levels are looking for the opportunity to see how other coaches would organize a practice. How other coaches incorporate the drills and instruction itno their practices. Many coaches try to find the time to go and watch other coaches run their practices to try to learn from their peers. We have designed a service that offers you the opportunity to have a veteran coach, work with you and your team. Rent a Coach offers a hands on experience for you and your team with a veteran coach.


Fastpitch Prep will send a member of our staff to your practice. We offer a variety of options to offer whatever level of coaching support and instruction you want to take advantage of. All of these options are designed to give you and your team the benefit of our many years of experience without having to go somewhere to learn. All of our coaches are experienced college coaches and players who can share the lessons they have learned throughout their careers.


            Gold Level  – We plan and run a practice for you.  You and your coaches are given the opportunity to observe and assist our veteran coaches as they run your team through a practice designed by college coaches. We will share with you the criteria we used to design your practice and provide you with the basic lesson plan that practice was designed for. We will bring any specialized equipment we need to make this session a success.


            Silver Level – We assist you as you run your practice. You provide us with a menu of things you want our assistance with. We will work side by side with you and your coaches as you work with your team. We will instruct your players in whatever areas you ask us to. We will share with you the rationale we used in determining what drills or types of instruction we used to teach the skills you request.


            Bronze Level – We will observe your practice session and offer our suggestions for future practices. This professional critique if offered as a way to give you the feedback you want from a third party expert who can evaluate what you are doing. We will offer suggestions for improvement with access to drills and strategies that we feel will make your practices more successful.


We are building a list of coaches from many other areas throughout the country and will be offering our Rent A Coach program in many areas soon.  All our staff members are trained to follow the Fastpitch Prep guidelines and will offer the same level of expertise. Please contact us with your location and we will find a coach for you!

Practice Planning Service


Are you ever stuck for ideas about what to do at practice on a given day? Do you find your self stuck in a rut where practice becomes too routine?  Do you ever find yourself facing a problem that you are having a difficult time finding a way to solve it through your normal practice plans?  Fastpitch Prep will plan practice for you.


You can select from our menu of Pre Fabricated Practice Plans, which offer many different templates for you to choose from. These templates cover many different scenarios that can be adapted to whatever your needs are for a given practice.


Option number two is our Customized Practice Plans. Fastpitch Prep will plan a practice for you based on the parameters you provide. You fill out a questionnaire that tells us all the things we need to know to build a practice for you. Time, space, age group, number of coaches and objectives you are hoping to achieve are some of the things we will ask you to share with us. From that wish list we will create a practice plan for you with a schedule, drills, coaching points and objectives we are hoping to achieve.


            Pre Fabricated Practice Plans



            Customized Practice Plans


The Practice Planning Service also gives you access to Fastpitch Tutor where you will find our video drill and skills library. You will be able to see how to incorporate the drills and skills we discuss in your practice plan.