Coaches Need Back-up Plans

We all know there are hundreds of times in every game that one player backs up another. Whether it is an outfielder, catcher or pitcher they all have responsibilities to back up other players as they attempt to make a play.

Why do we emphasize backing up so much? Because things go wrong!

The list of things that can go wrong in a softball game is limitless. So we need to always be on the look out for ways to minimize the risk and have someone in a position to back up as many plays as possible. In a perfect world, every single play would always be backed up. While we don’t expect perfection, we should strive to achieve it.

That is true for coaches, too. As a coach we expect our players to always know their responsibilities to back up a play and we drill it into their heads at every single practice. The one thing that many coaches do not do, however, is have a back up of their performance.

Backing up the coach?

What kind of craziness is that? Well, we don’t mean having someone to physically back up a coach’s decisions, but rather that each coach be prepared to move to a backup plan when their primary plan isn’t working.

I love hitting! Everyone who reads these blogs knows that to be true. But what happens when you have that day where the bats are dead? Do we just keep hacking and hope that the kids figure it out or do we have an alternate plan? Can we play small ball or steal some bases? Is there another tool that we can use that day to give our team a chance to win?

What if a player is really struggling? Do you keep running her out there hoping that she will turn it around or do you have an alternate plan? Should she take a game off to relieve the pressure or move her to a different spot in the lineup? Maybe your ace pitcher should pitch the second game today because that gives you the best chance to win?

We all understand the need of a back up. Coaches, here is a chance to show that you are willing to do the same things that you are asking your players to do.

Back Up!!