Coach Prime – Part II

I have been a fan of Deion Sanders since his Florida State days. Now that he is coaching I have begun to see that some of the bravado and charisma of the young superstar athlete has transformed into wisdom and thoughtfulness that I can relate to on a whole new level. Coach Prime, as he is now known has shared some great thoughts recently and I wanted to comment on another of those thoughts today.

Here is a recent tweet from Coach Prime:

ATTENTION ALL HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES please stop CHASING offers and chase GREATNESS! Chase a 3.5 gpa or better. Chase good manners, Chase Character, Chase the Passing SAT & ACT score and Chase the Lord because u god need him. #Truth #CoachPrime

Now there is a lot to unpack from this tweet but it all applies to todays athletes and for all of us who coach them. I believe Coach Prime is challenging all athletes to keep their priorities straight. He is reminding them that by taking care of the really important stuff that the athlete greatly increases the chances that they will find success. And I think it is safe to say that Coach Prime isn’t just talking about success on the field when he puts together this list.

When someone who has experienced greatness is willing to share their thoughts it would be a good idea to pay attention. Coach Prime has been to the highest of heights, he might have an idea of how to get there. I for one, will keep listening to what this man has to say!

Comments? Questions? Suggestions?