Chillin’ On The Moon

One of the best things about working with young softball players is to see them grow. Not just as players but as people. To see them gain confidence is priceless and one of the biggest reasons we want our kids to play in the first place.

Not too long ago a player who I have been working with for a couple of years showed just how much a kid can change over time.

When I first started working with Britt she was like many young players. A little intimidated, a little scared and a little lacking in self confidence. Just like many of the players we all see on a daily basis.

Now I think I am a pretty friendly person most days, but like all coaches I am sure that there are days where I am a little gruff or intimidating or even a little scary to a young player. After all, I am an old guy trying to tell a player a long list of things they need to improve upon. That relationship, all by itself, can make players a little hesitant to speak up or share their opinions.

Over time, Britt really came out of her shell and has become much more confident in her lessons and much more outgoing. Our lessons now feature a good deal of ribbing and teasing and as Britt often says a little good natured “roasting”!

So how far has she come? After hitting an absolute missile in a recent lesson she said, “Give that ball a couple minutes and it’ll be chillin on the moon!”

For a young player, just finding her place in the game, seeing that kind of transformation is priceless! And the best part of my job!