Body Language Says It All

It has been said that if you stand in front of the mirror in the “Superman Pose” for 1 minute every day,  you’ll feel unstoppable. Try it. I guarantee you’ll feel faster than a speeding train and able to stop a speeding bullet! (Please don’t try to stop a bullet!!)


To try the “Superman Pose”:

* Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

* Put your hands on your hips.

* Puff your chest out.

* Get your chin up.

* Stand like this, looking in the mirror, for a minute or until you feel ready to take on the world.


There is only one person who the entire team has their eyes on at one time– the catcher. Positive body language is contagious and it starts with the catcher, the captain, the heart and soul of the team.


To be a great catcher there are a few promises you need to make in order to wear that gear:

1. Celebrate with your pitchers.

2. Point to them, pump your fist, jump and down with excitement.

3. Lead, guide, and support your team in the most triumphant wins and the toughest losses.

4. Be the eyes, voice, and most importantly, the heart of the team!


This position is not made for the selfish ones. Your team should never see the difference in a good day versus a bad day when they look at you.


You are fearless.

You are strong.

You are the captain.


Live every day to be able to wear that gear and put on that mask. Be Superman.


About the Author: Claudia Cooper,played at North Carolina State from 2006–10. She had the second highest OBP for the Wolfpack during her Junior season and rounded out that year with a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage. After graduation, she spent the 2010–11 season as a student assistant at her alma mater. Since leaving NC State, Coop has been a staff instructor at Elite Training Academy, coaching individuals, small groups and teams. Book her here.


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