Beware of Human Nature!

We talk often about how human nature impacts the way we play the game. That we need to be aware of human nature in our training, in our practices and in how we prepare to play the game. The reason this is so important is that if we are not aware of the impact of human nature, we will often find ourselves very frustrated and disappointed.

Our comfort zone is where we all want to spend the majority of our time. We are happiest here because we are good at what we are already doing and don’t see a need to make any changes. Too many players want to spend all their time in the comfort zone and thus don’t grow, learn or improve. They better like what the comfort zone is, because they are going to spend the rest of their career there.

The fear zone is where we lack confidence and find excuses. We are so determined to remain comfortable that we are afraid of anything that challenges us. We lack self confidence so we are afraid of failure. Excuses are the best weapon against fear and many players spend way too much time in the fear zone.

The learning zone is where we start to overcome the fear and acquire new skills. We are beginning to see that a mistake isn’t fatal and that we can deal with a problem. Working on some new skills and new ideas is much more welcome.

The growth zone is where the real fun begins. We’ve overcome the fear and set new goals. Accept the challenge of becoming a better player by accepting the fact that staying where I am is a dead end. Your new confidence allows you to see challenges rather than threats and opportunities in every challenge.

Human nature is part of all of us. The faster we learn to get outside of the comfort zone and challenge ourselves, the sooner the sky becomes the limit. Know human nature so that it doesn’t beat you!