Being There – Your Greatest Gift

We live in a world where things move very quickly. Many parents have very busy lives that require a great deal of commitment to their career and the things that support their family. Whether you own your own business, work for someone else or freelance like crazy to make ends meet, there are a lot of demands on our time.

Another thing that flies by pretty fast is your child’s athletic career. I know some parents who never miss a game. I know other parents who are rarely in attendance. Of course, both sides of this spectrum have very strong reasons for why they are either there for every game or only there when it’s convenient.

Who is right isn’t for me to judge, but I know someone who’s opinion does really matter. Here is what your kid thinks when they see you in the stands:

They know that they matter to you!

They know you care about them!

They know you support them!

They know you will sacrifice for them!

They know you love them!

Now some kids will tell you that it doesn’t really matter to them if you are there or not, but they are doing that as a way of making themselves feel better about the fact that you aren’t there.

It can’t hurt them if they say they don’t care! Guess what, they do care!