Basic Hitting Drills for Success


Everyone wants to know what are the basic drills they should be doing to help them gain consistency in their hitting. We are always looking for the magic or secret to boost the performance of our hitters on game day. Well, there really is no magic bean that makes a hitter better unless you think of working hard as some sort of magic.


Our goal is consistency. We want to help our hitters get to the point where every swing they take is the same. That they can count on the mechanics of their swing to be so rock solid that they never have to worry about making mechanical adjustments.


Where does consistency come from? Repetition. Drills allow us to build consistency.


Tee work. All hitters need to spend time working on the tee. When the ball is stationary, the hitter can focus on having their body do the same things over and over. To see a bunch of great tee drills go to our YouTube channel.


Side toss/Soft toss. All hitters need to work on timing and the first step in timing should be done with side toss. This allows the ball to be tossed very consistently which helps the hitter work on consistency of their swing along with the added variable of timing. The timing is much easier with these drills versus live pitching. To see a bunch of great side toss/soft toss drills check out our YouTube channel.


Start with the most fundamental drills to help your hitter build consistency. When they start to have confidence in their swing, they can then learn to make all the other adjustments that timing will require. 


Good hitters are consistent hitters. Drill, Drill, Drill.


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